05/05/2013 5+ hrs at AFA, whew… tired – Mike B.’s 52.8 mile mountain bike ride

I am not much into doing laps for endurance rides, but the U.S. Air Force Academy is an exception. The Falcon trail is a 13 mile loop through the forests of the campus. It is a real mountain bike trail, all singletrack, rocks, a nice drop technical climbing fast fun descending. Plus, the campus PX (or at least it’s a convenience store) is 100ft off the trail so there is plenty of food and water should one need anything. They even have a good selection of energy bars. It takes about 70 to 75 minutes per lap at a brisk pace (think of a 60 mile endurance race pace for a old fart Cat. 1). The Falcon trail is one of those trails where you are always “on”. Either pedaling uphill or whisking down, there are no level easy soft pedaling sections. It is a great workout.

However, I am starting to have to differ with the results Strava is posting of my rides. First off, it claims I have ridden the loop counter clockwise three times this year. Not correct, in fact I think today is the only time I have ever ridden the trail counter clockwise, for sure this year, and pretty certain ever!

Next, Strava has substantially different times for the same loop depending on where other recorded starts are, shouldn’t this record the same no matter the starting location?

I like using Strava for helping me train, but I’m realizing I need to take results with a grain of salt. TrainingPeaks has the correct info.

05/05/2013 5+ hrs at AFA, whew… tired – Mike B.’s 52.8 mile mountain bike ride

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