The Firecracker 50 starts off the annual 4th of July celebration in Breckenridge Colorado. Breck is one of my favorite places to ride, and in my second year at the Firecracker 50, this has become a favorite race.

The FC50 is deceptively hard. It is two 25 mile laps. In total over the 50 miles, the course crosses over 11,000 ft in elevation four times. The first lap seems relatively “easy”, but after the initial climb starting the second lap the altitude and previous efforts take affect.

See me in the attached video at about 24 seconds in, behind the guy that falls over. I’m number 110. I caught this guy right at the top and tried to get around him but just didn’t have enough kick left after the climb up Little French. I gave him space as I could tell his handling skill were a little off, he crashed kind of hard right in front of me about a minute later. I was putting the pressure on him to either let my by or forcing him to make a mistake, he made a mistake…

It was a dusty, dirty, hot Firecracker 50 this year. To some disappointment my results were nearly the same as last year even though I felt a lot more fit. Until next year…. check out the video that sums up the race.

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