Breck Epic 2013 – 1st Timers Experience


Did I train enough? Was I ready? Did I ride hard enough? What was my goal? Questions I ask myself as I look back and realize that the Breck Epic had way more fun than suffering during the six back to back days of racing mountain bikes in the back country mountains of Breckenridge Colorado.

As I have my inner dialog, I keep reminding myself to reality check… I’m 41, I’ve race competitively for barely four years. Before that I enjoyed drinking lots of beers and eating lots of food to compensate for the stresses of the day job. I spent 20 years not exercising much if at all.

So finishing in 22nd place out of 60 starters in the 40+ category really is pretty good. Consider that the top finishers in my category have been competing 5, 10, and maybe 20 years longer than I have. Some have a lifestyle that include being outdoors on the bike for hours on a daily basis, where for me getting out for a workout is a conscious if not forced activity. 

Over the next week or so, I’m going to attempt to document what it took for me to have the best six days of mountain bike racing I could have ever imagined. Hopefully, my notes will help anyone become a BadMother Fucker like me!


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