2014 Blogging Fail


Well the 2014 mountain bike race season has come and gone. I raced another Breck Epic, I had my first really exciting mechanical failure that could have caused me great bodily harm… and I failed to post about any of this in detail on my blog.

First the technical excuses… My old (original) blog was hosted on Squarespace, which was really quite good and maybe I should have just kept that, but I wanted a few more features (I thought). So I moved to service that worked very much like the old Apple web publishing service the name escapes me at the moment. Basically my site was hosted via an Amazon Cloud service which was fine, but my method of creating the pages and sitel was limited to using a desktop system to do so. I could not add to my blog from a mobile device, so that was a fail on that part. Next I moved to a Free WordPress site… fine but for some of the features I wanted I had to pay for them… well screw that… So next I figured I would host my own WordPress site since I have a business internet service that should be fine… right… got it up and running, added some pages, then a WordPress upgrade came out and pretty much nuked everything I did. My content was still there, it just looked like shit. Attempts to restore my WordPress implementation from a backup was only partially successful. So screw it all… I’m just going to use Tumblr. I’m tired of taking the time out of bike riding and other things to try to create my perfect blog experience…

So more than a year has passed since I last posted here. Just a brief overview of my mountain bike racing this year. I had a late start due to work hassles… So late start to racing, and I was feeling okay for the shorter hard efforts so at the first race I went out hard and stayed in contact with the front group (all mostly former pro guys at some level who have retired to racing age group, I suppose that is okay when you are in your 40+, kind of sucks for the non-pros like me though, I digress again…). I was feeling pretty good and riding well though caught behind a couple guys that were letting a gap open to the front group of 10. I finally got past them and was working to slowly bridge the gap back to the main group. At about 25 minutes into the race something happened… WTF!!! It was so quick. On a straight section of trail I heard a ping sound and all of a sudden my front wheel washed out to the left. Somehow i managed to “walk” off the bike onto my feet and tumble into the brush on the right side of the trail. As I got I saw my front wheel had folded.


I walked away from this one with a skinned knee and sore shoulder (the previous broken shoulder) and blister heels thanks to the 1 ½ hour hike carrying my bike back to the start/finish.

I did a few other races, all of which I was the slowest ever… Breck Epic was coming and I was worried! I managed to get a road worthy bike setup running the yet to be released Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting setup. Having this rather exciting new bike helped me get extra motivated and I got a good month of quality road riding in before Breck Epic. The endurance and weight loss from the long steady rides saved my ass big time for Breck!

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