Nuclear Deterrent… One of my favorite trails is the Falcon Trail, much of it loops through the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. It is not specifically hard, but lots of good grunts, and begs to be ridden as fast as possible. It is a short trail that doesn’t really have many options other than to do laps, but the entire time is spent twisting and turning through mountain forest and across small streams.

At the south entrance to the AFA is a B-52 bomber, or at least the shell of what used to be one of the front line first strike weapons for the worlds largest nuclear weapons arsenal. As a youngster I marveled at the death and destruction this machine could bring to pretty much any enemy of ours, but mostly it was there to face the USSR.

Today I view this machine on display as a paradox. On one hand I see that is symbolizes the strenght, solidarity,  perseverance,  bravery, and honor of America. It is a memorial to all those who serve, served, and sacrificed for all the things we take for granted. On another hand I see this as a machine of pure evil, raining down molten iron on the unsuspecting and probably often the innocent.

There is a strong force in this country that wants to erase all the evil from our history, shield the children from the mistakes of the past, from the atrocities that as with many many many nations our government calls evil, we have done the same at some points in our own history.

As I was at the AFA today I noticed multiple families with high school aged kids taking photos, seemingly in complete awe of the machine. I wonder what history they know… as I’ve grown I have found that even in my day I was shielded from the complete truths of American History. Where is this country headed? Does the future know the past or even the present?

Deep thoughts from todays ride…

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