Ebbs and Flows…


About five years ago I started to race my mountain bike. I wasn’t quite 40 years old then, still in my late 30s. It seems like a long time ago, and it seems like it was only yesterday. I will miss it.

Life, like the tides, has it’s ebbs and flows, and with every tide new opportunities and challenges appear. This year will be different than the last four (or five). I have several challenges ahead of me, none of which include racing my mountain bike. So I will be away from the thrill of racing for at least the next year, maybe more, but definitely not less.

I look back on the last five years with great memories and have evolved into a different person thanks to the bike. Although, part of the last five years have been an effort to make up for the regrets of wasting my younger years sitting in the bars of Chicago. I don’t often look on the past and ponder how things could have been differently, as I am satisified with things now I wouldn’t really change a thing. I made the best of it, and once being young and ignorant is nothing I can change.

I’ll still be out there, riding the local trails on the Front Range, and hopefully breaking away for longer rides up on my favorite trails in Breck, Buffalo Creek, and Winter Park. But if you see me huffin’ and puffin’, maybe blue in the face, I’ll probably be sporting hairy legs and baggy shorts! Ha! (as long as I don’t get fat I’ll still be trying to look good, it’s really 90% about the look, kind of like skiing right?)!

Anyways, writing about my experiences will likely dwindle even more than it has this past year… I have to admit, not thinking about preparing for a race is a load off… I can do some other things that I’ve been putting off and are arguably way more important…

See ya around and about on the Front Range or at the bike shop!



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