Dead End

My last image at SolidFire/Netapp. #lastday #forward
#coloradonative #colorado #frontrange #rockymountains #denver (at Boulder, Colorado)

My time at Solidfire has been short. It would have been three years in October 2018 but I decided to pull the plug. I feel I was sold a bit and bought it. I think my origins maybe had me thinking more progressively and optimistically about technology and all that was stifled with what I was doing, wheels spinning in mud and no one seemed to care but the other minions on my team. So time to move forward, for my own sanity’s sake. I had a good group of teammates that will continue to struggle but I am too old do that further. “Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin'” as a movie says, but I’m too young for the first part for sure and the only way out was to move ahead.

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