2018 August 08-18 Beartracks Lake Trail Mt Evans Wilderness


See all the photos from this trip < click >>> here on iCloud Photo Sharing <<< click>. My storage space on WP is filling up!

Well, I was driven away by mother nature with impending doom (thunderstorms). When I was racing mountain bikes, I got caught out too many times in severe weather, sometimes by choice (indirectly due to races in the backcountry). I am familiar enough with seeking shelter from freezing downpours and hail under massive trees that attract lightning. So at the first signs of rain, I did an about face and got back to the trailhead. Luckily it only sprinkled, just enough that I was debating putting the rain gear on but not enough to actually do it. By the time I got off the mountain back into town (which was about an hour), significant showers had rolled through. Seems some areas got hail. Really glad I was not out in the middle of it!

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