Blood Moon


My headlamp battery was dead so I fumbled with settings in the dark and managed to get a setup close enough to get a good image. If I had time to do it again I’d use a different setting but here I had 400mm, 3200 ISO, f5.6, 1/4s

Neighborhood Park


A quick stroll through a neighborhood park, aka Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison Co. A few more photos here:

Random Fall on the Front Range

Random shots of fall on the front range. Winter is basically here, most of the fall colors are nearly done down here. The dry season really put the hurt on for many of the trees so their transition wasn’t the same this year.

Loveland Pass

Catching up still on favorite photos I’ve taken this year are some from Loveland Pass. Loveland Pass is the last westbound exit on the east side of the Continental Divide along I70. It takes skiers to Arapahoe Basin (A-Basin) and Keystone Ski resorts. It is also the route that hazmat vehicles have to take (not allowed with mixed traffic through the tunnels). There are a number of trails of various difficulty at Loveland Pass, all above or at treeline, most all above 10,000 ft in elevation.

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The mostly unedited and complete camera roll can be found here on iCloud.

Native Creature

Mike Berg

Probably one of my favorite photos I’ve taken this year. An American Bison (commonly called a buffalo) out grazing at a local foothills ranch. I love how he looks devilish, cuddly, kind, warm, and wild all at once.

More photos are on iCloud.

2018 August 08-18 Beartracks Lake Trail Mt Evans Wilderness


See all the photos from this trip < click >>> here on iCloud Photo Sharing <<< click>. My storage space on WP is filling up!

Well, I was driven away by mother nature with impending doom (thunderstorms). When I was racing mountain bikes, I got caught out too many times in severe weather, sometimes by choice (indirectly due to races in the backcountry). I am familiar enough with seeking shelter from freezing downpours and hail under massive trees that attract lightning. So at the first signs of rain, I did an about face and got back to the trailhead. Luckily it only sprinkled, just enough that I was debating putting the rain gear on but not enough to actually do it. By the time I got off the mountain back into town (which was about an hour), significant showers had rolled through. Seems some areas got hail. Really glad I was not out in the middle of it!

2018 August 08-13 16mmF1.4 Test Shots

I picked up a new 16mmF1.4 prime lens today and ran out front for a few quick shots mostly just flipping setting to see how they may turn out. More photos posted on icloud and check out my Instagram and follow.