2018 August 4 08-04 Beaver Meadows Mount Evans Wilderness


View The Hi-Res album w/Videos. I underestimated Saturdays adventure and didn’t have enough time and possibly not enough clear weather to get very far. I ventured over to the back country area of Mount Evans and entered wilderness territory on the Beaver Meadows Trail. Getting to the trailhead was a bit unexpected. The map indicated it was a dirt road which I was fine with, but the going was a bit slow since I didn’t know the way and I wasn’t sure if it was going to turn into a 4×4 road. It didn’t, most any car should be able to make the drive, though it is dusty!

Anyways, I don’t have a good GPS track because I forgot to turn the tracker off. I’ll be going back though, there is a lot to explore here!

Check out the link to see the best quality web image and video I can produce.

The Other Side of Lookout Mnt

Staying close to home today because it is scheduled to thunderstorm and I didn’t want to drive too far to be rained out. If you’ve never been in a thunderstorm up in the Rockies, outside and unprotected, it is something you want to avoid! Lightning aside, the water and air temperature can drop down to freezing and then the hale, ouch! I’ve done enough bike races where I’d be out in the backcountry above the tree line and been caught out, wet, frozen and mentally shattered (lightning strikes are terrifying). So today I checked out the Beaver Brook and Chavez Trail Loop near Genesee Park. Right next to the buffalo overlook. The link should take you to my tracks for the day.

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 4.14.36 PM

Alltrails has the place labeled as difficult, I didn’t think so. I am not sure what the criteria are but the hikes I’ve done in previous weeks which are called moderate are much harder in my opinion.

Anyways, got so nature photos in and close-ups of local wildflowers. The only animals I managed to catch on camera are the bees and butterflies. I did get a few visits from hummingbirds but they refused a photo.

Overall it is a nice well-maintained trail with a couple of rocky sections. It was fairly crowded by the time I was done, the parking lot was full and more cars where arriving.

Here are some bees and butterflies I took some time to photograph.

2018 July 07-22 Stanley Mountain Trail Arapaho National Forest


Didn’t make it to the end of the trail as I was taking too many pictures. Here is a link to the trail https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/colorado/stanley-mountain-trail. Seems to be popular this time of year.



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Have You Wondered?

Have you wondered if you have rushed and missed things? Living in Colorado for 13 years now I first thought that skiing in the winter and mountain bike racing in the summer were the things to do. Having two weeks of “unemployment/retirement” to think about the pace of things I feel like I have overlooked a few things in my rush to race. There is so much to do in Colorado, just out my back door from the front range even that it is almost overwhelming what to do next. As I start the next chapter of the next n years I’m going to try to use these recent moments as a reminder to “take it easy and enjoy.”

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Transfer from Tumblr

As I reboot my blogging, I’ve imported my Tumblr posts. I’ll probably keep up with Tumblr through Instagram, but more detailed stories will go here.I hope to use the wordpress platform more for sharing photos as I get back into digital photography. Though I will probably share other stuff about the bike too.I imagine most of my sharing will be boring to read.

Being a Tourist for Once


There are things that are still good and pure in the spaces between things. #forgetbiking #gohiking #good #pure #workforit
#coloradonative #colorado #frontrange #rockymountains #denver #fujifilm #xt2 #hdr (at Herman Gulch Trailhead)

I haven’t taken much time to just look around in a long time. When we first moved to Colorado I skied in the winters as much as I could then worked a lot. Then I was racing my mountain bike which took me to awesome places I didn’t really get to take in. We’ve taken a few trips here and there, they always felt like a lot of pressure for some reason though. With time off over the past couple of weeks, I decided to be a bit random to check out some of the things in the “neighborhood”.

Even more photos here: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0oGQOeMmMeqQ9

Checking out the spaces between things

Today, checking out the spaces between things. #harderthanithought #exhausted #moretocome #legshurt #feethurt #crappybackpack #toomuchstuff #tripod #notneeded

#coloradonative #colorado #frontrange #rockymountains #denver #iphonex (at Herman Gulch Trailhead)

Photos of agony while taking in the views. I grabbed an old backpack that I could put a hydration bladder in, stuff camera gear into some padding, and packed the tripod. I didn’t need the tripod, the backpack had zero back support, just hung there from my shoulders. The hike ended up with more excruciating pain than necessary. Time to order some better camera hiking gear on Amazon!